Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Few New Arrivals...

My friend John Howard has taken some great warbler pictures this month and here are a few of the newer arrivals to Ohio and Indiana.

Louisiana Waterthrush. I was able to watch one for quite a while in Southern Ohio last weekend at Cave Lake. They have such a beautiful song with three loud distinct notes followed by a melodic jumble. Such sleek birds, you can find them secretively poking around the waters edge.
Yellow Warbler. Who could not like this bird? Bright yellow with red pinstriping, it is one of our more common warblers. A very cheerful song of see-see-see titi see. I usually find them in areas with lots of small trees or large shrubs.

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  1. these pictures look like paintings so gorgeous

  2. Oh - so pretty! The little yellow one is really cute.

  3. i love the birds especially the yellow one so cute.

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments. I enjoy sharing John's great photos with you.

  5. Beautiful photos the colours and markings..

  6. I posted a Yellow Warbler on my Misty's Words blog last week. They are so pretty.

    These are fantastic photos!