Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flowers and such from Boch Hollow

On a recent trip to Boch Hollow in Hocking County, Ohio near Logan we had some great finds. Boch Hollow is a newly acquired property for DNAP and this was one of the first plant finding excursions. The Ohio Heritage Naturalists had scheduled a trip there.

You had to know it was a good day when you hop out of the car and are greeted with a Blue-headed Vireo singing its heart out. Had great looks at a gorgeous male Hooded Warbler, as well.

Lily-leaved Twayblade, Liparis liliifolia. Not to be confused with Lily-livered Twayblade which are fighting words, dag nabbit! This strange looking plant is in the orchid family.

Our lunchtime companion was Running Buffalo Clover, Trifolium stoloniferum. This is a federally endangered plant. Quite a good find for the new property. I am notorious for stepping on rare plants, so I was a bit nervous plopping down to eat lunch in an area where it was about everywhere. I guess I couldn't do much more damage than a buffalo, one would hope. Life plant for me and my pal, Cheryl. I did a Rico Suave life plant dance. She wisely abstained.

Firepinks, Silene virginica, were a welcome sight. Such bold, rich color. The star-shaped hummingbird-magnet is always a welcome find.

Indian Cucumber, Medeola virginiana. This is a member of the Lily family. I love the interesting flower. Another one with an unusual shape. This plant was so hard for me to photograph. I said a few choice words while trying to get in in focus. The blossom is so delicate, the camera wanted to focus only on the leaves. Bobby Sue Grenerth exclaimed I had about used up all the swear words available. Sorry, Bobby Sue! And in my defense, I think I had at least 5 more to use. :)

Dusky Salamander

I also found three species of salamanders, there: Southern Two-lined, Eurycea cirrigera, Red-backed, Plethodon cinereus, and Dusky, Desmognathus fuscus fuscus. And lots of them. I probably had a good 40 or so for the day. Pat Deering also found a rock covered with Southern Two-lined Salamander eggs.

We found this Eastern Phoebe nest at the end of our journey. How cute, their little heads barely peeping out of the nest!

Such a wonderful day with great company and lots of interesting finds!


  1. Don't forget the life sedges! We added 4 to my life-list that day, plus the "Heritage Botanist" approved- Scirpus verecudus.

    Did you do the "Rico" dance for them?!

  2. Yes, Of course I did a dance for Scirpus verecudus. I guess no one noticed. :( (Sniff, fighting back the tears)

  3. I somehow missed the Rico Suave Dance.

  4. Hi Janet..
    I love your blog ..and have missed so many of your posts...and wondering if you might add a gadget so that people might subscribe via other words when you post ..I would get an email telling me..
    that way I wont miss your posts..
    I use google feedburner...there might be other venues.