Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coming Soon to a Woods Near YOU!

Coming attractions, rated G for everyone. (Cue announcer's deep voice...)

Why is this flower so blue? Why does it hang its head. Find out the answer in the tear jerker, Virginia Bluebells.

A flower finds its rise to fame is up way to soon in the coming of age story, Shooting Star.

A case of mistaken identity causes this flower to question whether it is a fish or a plant in the groundbreaking drama the Trout Lily.

In this lighthearted comedy, someone forgets to bring in the laundry and causes a real scandal. See Dutchman's Breeches hanging out in a woods near you!

Now Playing...

Double trouble and spring is on the way when this duo makes an appearance. Salt n Peppa is in the house!

Above, a delicate innocent blossom, but what lies beneath is a tale of horror one cannot imagine. Come see the thriller Bloodroot, if you dare...


  1. Thanks, Mike. I had a little fun with this post.

  2. Nice pics, I love those Shooting Stars