Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day-Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts have special meaning for me. This particular plant is located at my sister's house next to the front door. It was my mothers. When my parents moved to Otterbein Retirement Village, my sister brought a piece to her house. In the spring, it welcomes me home each visit and as I leave, it gently waves goodbye.

My mother brought her plant from her childhood home, a division from a huge Bleeding Heart located near my grandparent's well. I was always fascinated with the lovely pink blossoms. I marveled at how they formed such perfect delicate hearts.

Rumour has it, though I haven't confirmed this, that the original was from my grandfather's parent's homestead in Kentucky. This plant has been around forever and has strong family ties.

And, what a plant to do so. Look at the beautiful pink hearts stretched out along the stem. It just gushes out love and family. It always makes me smile. :) :) :) Happy Mother's Day!

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