Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Wildflowers-Appendaged Waterleaf

Appendaged Waterleaf, Hydrophyllum appendiculatum, is a delicate woodland flower with fragile pale lavender blossoms.

Its name "waterleaf" comes from the white marks on the leaves that look like water stains.

This Bumblebee was quite content lapping the nectar from the waterleaf flower.

Up close and personal. It was so engrossed I bumped it a few times when I got too close with the camera and it didn't mind one bit.


  1. I have this in my garden and I must say I just love it. Its bloom is quite long compared to the other ephemerals. The bumble is beautiful.

  2. Nice post on a beautiful plant, Janet. I was just photographing that one last week, and was pleased to read about it here on the bog.


  3. Thanks, Tina and Jim! We have large areas just blanketed with the Appendaged Waterleaf in our park and it is so lovely.

  4. hey thanks, I was looking for an identification, I find these is southern Illinois, Photo'd one and was asked to name it, but couldn't. thankfully I came across your blog.